By Angela Hutchins

The Infertility Handbook is written clearly and simply with the sensitivity and knowledge of a person who has been there. It aims to provide options at a time when people may feel they have none and understanding at a time when people can often feel cut off from their normal support network.

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Areas covered include:

      • understanding your reproductive cycle
      • the causes of infertility in both men and women
      • assisted reproductive technologies
      • complementary and alternative therapies
      • emotional aspects of experiencing infertility
      • adoption and surrogacy
      • support coping with loss and grief

Now also available as an eBook

The Infertility Handbook is available in three formats to suit your preferred reader, so whether you have a Kindle, an iPad, smart phone or just like to read on your computer there is now a version to suit. Plus with a price of just A$14.99 it is the best value resource you could ask for when you are looking for fertility information. To purchase a downloadable copy simply click here

Published in Australia and New Zealand by Exisle Publishing. For further information on ordering contact; Australia – Mark at Exisle Publishing on (02) 4998 3327 or email New Zealand – Carole at Exisle Publishing (09) 817 8498 or email